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El taller

The workshop Ceràmica Ley is situated in the village of Peratallada, 120km away from Barcelona.

Peratallada belongs to the municipality of Forallac; it is a delightful village, its architecture and its nature leave all visitors coming to this little town with an open-mouth.

The workshop Ceràmica Ley is situated in the high part of the village .

It's been twenty years since the workshop is operative.

The founder of the workshop, Pablo Ley, Antoni Cumella's disciple, built his own ceramics oven, which worked with diesel oil, modernizing the structure later, buying a propane gas oven.

After my father, Pablo Ley, retired, I took charge of the workshop trying to maintain the quality level.






The oldest buildings are considered to be existing since the 10th century, even if they have been extended and restructured all during the years.

The village is a little museum; any corner deserves to be visited .

The emblematic buildings are the Church of Sant Esteve de Peratallada dated 12th century, the Castle of Peratallada (which is more than 1000 years old) and the Hours' Bell Tower.

It deserves our admiration the visit to Defense Towers, which are situated all around the walls.



The bird life of the area is very interesting too.

The mix of old houses, towers, fields and the wood creates a series of habitat that allows the development of a big number of species of birds.

Around 100 species of birds can be seen in Peratallada and in the villages around it, all the year round.

El Castell


    Torre del castell