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From the beginning, our specialities were animal sculptures, but we did not stop making human figures and jugs. 

In the workshop you can find and buy not only decorative ceramics, but also paintings that I have realized myself .

Everyone who visits Ceràmica Ley will be able to see whais                  exposed, half-prepared pieces and half-painted paintings .


  Yo Trabajando

My name is Martin Ley, I studied Biology at University and I got specialized in ornithology .

Ceramics I do in the workshop have two dimensions: on the one hand, there are the jugs where can be noticed the influence of Antoni Cumella in its forms and qualities, on the other hand what we can define as figurative, which is not a metaphor of what is represented.

So this is to deal with animal and human figures that have a personal touch, and to explain it in another way, with works that show affectionate features and that are far from being a joke or a simple imitation of nature.

So can be defined also the expressionism…but ceramics is something different.